About Structures Cabinet + Design

Armony Cucine has been purveying cabinetry to Europeans since 1976. Offering laminate, veneer, and lacquered finishes, in a range of styles. The international brand was founded to be the ideal partner in creating a kitchen or bathroom. Now, Structures Cabinet + Design began the endeavor out of a desire to expand their work as a general contractor and interior designer, respectively. “We strive to craft the kitchen and bathroom of each homeowners dreams.” they say. “Nothing makes us happier then when our clients tell us how much they enjoy and know they will continue to love, their space.”

They note that longevity, in design and durability, is essential to cabinetry, which often stays put for years - if not decades. Still, the McCurdy’s emphasize that the current attitude on the kitchen and bath is less about molding a space to a specific style and more about making it one’s own. “Clients will follow trends, but we’ve found that they also like to work with their individuality.” they say. “Most of them want to design a space for themselces, making selections based on what speaks to them personally.”