Kitchen Accessories


 Glass Doors

A finely crafted aluminium frame meticulously assembled with the glass panel creates an exclusive and refined accessory.

The new glass doors feature a smoked glass panel set in a black anodised aluminium frame with an integrated pull on one side running along the full height of the door.

The range of available modules provides glass door solutions for wall, base and tall units.



Open units in square tube aluminium consisting of a base, a back panel and, on some units, shelves.

Made from graphite black anodised aluminium, they can be hung individually on the wall or combined to create a unique composition of wall units.


Exclusive storage accessories that can be freely arranged, crafted entirely from skilfully assembled brush finish aluminium.

Their sleek, bold lines create a modern and essential design making them a distinctive feature of the kitchen.


The under cabinet solutions available in the Modular range completely redesign the working area, creating a wall storage system for kitchen tools that can be completed with a variety of accessories.

A versatile system enabling everyone to find the perfect combination to interact effectively with their own kitchen. 


The linear design of the anodised aluminium rod in graphite black and the aluminium accessories make Freedom both highly practical and visually striking.

A bold feature that enhances the personality of the entire composition without affecting the overall design of the kitchen.


A system of horizontal panels supported by an aluminium structure can be used to create a hanging wall unit or a floor unit.

The 12 mm thick smoked glass shelves are available for all the finishings in the Armony collection.


The open wall units with 45° cut edges are available in glossy, matt and metallic lacquer. The panels are produced through a special manufacturing process called folding that eliminates corner joints, creating a modern and sleek design.