LED Lighting

Light is a key element in setting the mood of the home's interior design. To ensure that the light is spread evenly across a space, it is important to address the functional aspects alongside aesthetic considerations.

The vast range of products featured in the Armony LED collection for unit interiors and exteriors enhance the beauty of the kitchen by highlighting its materials and forms.


A vast array of LED spotlights and lamps meets every lighting requirement in the work areas so that the kitchen can be lived to the full even in low ambient light conditions.

The collection also includes exclusive features such as the II LED SOUND spotlight with built-in bluetooth speaker.



All the furniture in Armony’s kitchens - including base, wall and tall units - can be fitted with interior LED lights combined with sensors to enable automatic or remote controlled switching.


Solaris LED technology is used to light up the back panels of the base units and tall units.

This stunning as well as functional effect is achieved through high-efficiency LED strips that light up a micro laser engraved Plexiglass panel. The laser engraving is based on a mathematical calculation that takes into account the distance from the light source to deliver an evenly spread light across the whole panel whatever its size.