Armony Cucine has always identified strongly with the local area, especially for the two-way relationship between the company’s growth and the environmental value delivered by the rare professional excellence found in the local community. The strength of the company's identity derives from the fact that its products are designed and manufactured exclusively in Treviso, in the northeast of Italy, and in collaboration with selected Italian suppliers.



There are some passions that develop out of our hands by the daily crafting of beautiful creations. And there are dreams that develop out of a clear vision of the future. This was the spirit that fired the imagination, enthusiasm and craftsmanship of the Santarossa family when, back in 1976, it founded the company in the province of Treviso - an area where furniture-making is part of the local culture - and their concept of a kitchen became a brand.

From a small artisan business it soon became a successful industrial brand. Right from the outset, the idea was to create modern and functional kitchens that would blend in perfectly with home décor, enhancing it and putting the final touch to it.

Today the expert hands of professional furniture makers are driving latest-generation computerized machinery. But what is still amazing is the infectious curiosity within every department, from design to logistics and from marketing to communications, today as yesterday always striving for continuous improvement and to create a new image for tomorrow’s kitchen.