The kitchen is not only the hub of the house but also the centre of affections, family life, and identity. This kind of kitchen is the fruit of the creative thinking of designers with an awareness of lifestyle and of the emotional value of functional forms, and develops through the careful selection of certified and eco-friendly Italian made materials.

The culture of design

Armony Cucine kitchens are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility where waste is reduced to a minimum, precision takes pride of place and human skills always make the difference.


Armony Cucine Design Center

A 1,500 square metre area where you can take a close look at Armony Cucine's products and fully appreciate their quality, design and functionality. The Design Center is a large-scale showroom conceived as a place that brings together the whole of the Armony Cucine world.




Transforming the pleasure of functional and socially important spaces into tangible projects. Giving an extra quality guarantee: every item has been conceived to last. Interpreting contemporary lifestyles through the search for new forms and materials. This is how the designers at the Armony Research and Development Centre bring technology and aesthetics together to express the beauty of Italian kitchens in each and every design.


Choice Materials

With 10 different types of cabinet doors and 200 finishings available, Armony offers 2000 possible combinations to make every choice distinctive and unique. Total customisation is the spirit of modernity and is translated into a flexible project that gives free expression to every need.

Armony kitchens are designed to communicate visually with the surrounding space. Our relationship with them is established through touch, which is why we have always given priority to the materials, focussing on their exclusiveness and high quality.



Manufacturing means giving a firm undertaking to those who will live in our kitchens, because the first ingredient of ARMONY kitchens is trust. This is why we have certified all our organisational processes according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and given our customers the opportunity to have a FSC® certified kitchen, i.e. a kitchen where all the wood components come from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are applied showing respect for both current and future generations. Armony was also the first Italian kitchen manufacturing company to take an interest in gaining the GREENGUARD trademark that uses the most rigorous scientific criteria to certify standards that help reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of exposure to chemicals, and help create healthier indoor environments.